Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mario's Closet Tee is Here!

The one you've been waiting for! Now officially called "the plumber's wardrobe" for what must be obvious reasons. The shirt is available in men's and women's sizes.

Click here to buy the T-shirt
Click here to buy the Baby Tee

Also a note for those who have been asking, Splitreason will be selling a poster, and Gallery 1988 will be selling a limited edition signed print. I look for both of them to be on sale in the near future and I will certainly post updates as I receive them.

UPDATE: I just found an article about the release of the shirt while browsing Kotaku, please let me know if you see any more!
Kotaku - Clothes Make The Man, Woman, Frog,
Raccoon, Penguin, Etc.

Go Nintendo - 'The Plumber's Wardrobe' shirt finally up for sale


Pappy said...
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JCR_odriguez said...

Bummed I missed out, will they be reprinting the shirt anytime soon?