Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time for a quick one

Not too long ago I posted a pinup I did as an entry for a contest that was going to be judged by storyboard artist Bill Presing, who draws pinup girls in his spare time.

Some examples of his work: (For anyone just glancing through I want to stress that these are NOT my drawings, but the work of Bill Presing, pinup extraordinaire)

The more I studied his work the more I liked it. He finds a good balance between simple shapes and just the right amount of detail. I think that quality is what makes his pieces sexy, yet artful/innocent enough to not be vulgar. Thinking about that made me want to see if I could shift my own pinup drawings in that direction, or at least do a test for fun. I like seeing and drawing pinup pieces for obvious reasons, especially cartoony ones like Bill's, but getting them to come across the way you want can be tricky. You'd probably think it wouldn't be that tough considering how much sexual imagery is in our everyday culture anyway, but I'm not looking to open up a sociology discussion or anything like that; like I say, they're just fun to draw.

One of the gifts I got for Christmas was Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Vol. 3 on DVD, which is something I've meant to buy for myself forever but just never got around to. Watching it reminded me of the show's take on Birdgirl, one of the many obscure Hannah Barbara characters spoofed in the series. They had her constantly and accidentally flashing skin and striking sexy poses much to the excitement and frustration of the male characters on the show. She seemed like a fun character to try out, and would also give me an opportunity to draw some other H.B. characters, so we'll see how it goes. Here's a preview:


Zachary Knoles said...

That Chun-Li illustration is all kinds of cute. Kudos!

Zachary Knoles said...

Oh gee, completely missed reading the part about these being Bill Presing's drawings. That'll teach me to skim.

Glen said...

No worries, I was kinda thinking that would happen. It's tricky to post somebody else's work on your blog when you mostly just post your own, especially if it's not drastically different from your own in some way. I experiment with a lot of styles so it can be hard to tell what's going on. :)