Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in Huntington

I'm back from from my extended holiday "vaction" in Charleston (where I still got plenty of work done, but enjoyed myself quite a bit too) and the increased business due to the success of my Mario's Closet design continues.

I have gotten quite a bit of fan mail which I very much appreciate. The deals revolving around that piece that are in the works right now are:

An article in the Official Nintendo Magazine of France
An interview for a website
An offer to design a shirt for
And my favorite, a limited edition of signed and numbered prints sold through Gallery 1988 in LA.

My older piece of Mario playing a slot machine will also be featured in a magazine that's doing an article about the Autumn Society show that it was featured in.

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting to mention, but it's all coming so fast and each opportunity requires so much consideration that it can be hard to keep it all straight sometimes. Since most of this recent work is business related I'm taking this opportunity to work on a personal piece before focusing on more shirt designs and whatever else may follow, so more about that soon.

I also really need to update the art section of the site, so here's hoping I can get to that next week sometime before I leave for a trip to NY!

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