Friday, October 16, 2009

Lightsaber shirt & Change Chomp sticker

Two new items up for sale over at Splitreason, the Lightsaber Glove Holster shirt and the Change Chomp sticker. Click the images to buy!

I don't think I've explained the Change Chomp idea yet on my blog, so allow me to do that now. There is a famous photo, seen below, of president Obama with a "Pac-man" sticker on his laptop. Geeks and nerds everywhere took this as evidence that not only was Obama a pretty cool guy, he was a nerd too! The thing is, I took one look at the photo and said "That's not looks more like a chain chomp from the Mario Bros Series." I was surprised that nerds as a whole were calling the sticker a Pac-man, since we're usually pretty quick to call out any inaccurate obseravtions that non-nerds may make about our geeky obsessions. They are even selling replicas on a website devoted entirely to the sticker,

famous photo


Chain Chomp

So why hadn't anyone said anything yet, especially nerds? I managed to find a few instances online of random blog commenters pointing it out here and there, so I knew at least a few people were on my side, but it was still quite perplexing to me. So I decided to do a more accurate, if somewhat embellished sticker. A friend then asked the question, if Obama has a Chain Chomp sticker shouldn't it be called a "Change Chomp?" So I combined the design of the Mario enemy with Obama's official "O" logo that resembles a sun rising over a field. Please buy the sticker and slap it on your own computer to show that you are a true nerd and patriot who knows your video game characters!


Anonymous said...

uh...i REALLY hope that this shirt lands you a meeting with the president.

Unknown said...

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