Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some games I'm looking forward to

If you know me or have looked through my site at all you'll likely know I'm a video game nut, especially classic games. I go though phases, though, where I either have no interest in actually sitting and playing a game or I'll be dying to play something new. Here are a few games I'm looking forward to:

This game is a remake/sequel of an NES game that holds special childhood memories for me. The original was a screen-by-screen game like the 2D Legend of Zelda games (only from a side view) which allowed me and my dad to actually draw a huge grid and map out the entire game world together. The gimmick of the game is very cool, as you have a blob that follows you around and can change into different objects to help you out. The game design of the original left something to be desired, though, because if you knew what you were doing you could bypass some 80% of the game and just head straight to the last level, which was very odd. But it looks like they've taken this clever concept and remade it into a more solid game, not to mention with hand drawn animation.

If you know me at all this one is a no-brainer. As much as I should probably not want to mention this to the general public outside of my friends, this one will require a midnight launch day purchase. Classic Mario Bros gameplay including a comeback from Yoshi and the Koopa kids who haven't been seen since '91? Count me in.

And finally a game called Epic Mickey which is still in the development stages. Details about this game were just released earlier this week and already have the game community abuzz. The premise of the game is that Mickey Mouse has been taken to a world inhabited by all the lesser-known Disney characters who have fallen by the wayside over the years, and they're none to happy about being written into obscurity forever while characters like Mickey get all the glory. This is an amazing idea to me and greatly appeals to my love of obscure characters. To be fair I think it would have made a great movie too, but a video game works. The games main villain in Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was actually the first prominent cartoon character created by Walt Disney. Ownership issues led Disney to disassociate himself from Oswald cartoons, so he created Mickey Mouse instead. You can see then how his roll in the game is quite genius.

You can read more about Oswald here.


Randall Nichols said...

I remember when they bought Oswald a little while back, and then proceeded to do nothing with him. If they were just holding out for this, though, that's awesome.

Glen said...

Yeah I think they made a few pieces of merchandise and that was about it.

The story of how they got him back is pretty crazy, Disney released some sportscaster from his contract in exchange for the rights.