Friday, October 9, 2009

Wild Things

The Autumn Society Blog challenged its members to create a Where the Wild Things Are illustration, so I created and posted the piece above.

I'll say here basically what I said over on the AS Blog:

I wanted to play with scale in this piece to emphasize the fact that Max, this little kid, is playing with full blown monsters. I wanted the monster to look hulking and scary but at the same time friendly. Basically, if you know nothing of the book you'd assume that the big guy is in for a quick snack, save maybe for the characters' expressions.

Luckily Kyle gave me the The Art of Maurice Sendak a few years ago as a gift, which served as a great source. It's an enormous book with startlingly little pages dedicated to the wild things.

There is also a blog called Terrible Yellow Eyes that solely features Where the Wild Things Are tribure art, though I didn't check it out until after I drew the above piece. I'm sort of glad for that as all the pieces featured there are amazing and may have discouraged me from actually attempting this, haha.

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