Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Two cool accomplishments that I am boasting about because I have no shame:

1. The Cubeecraft I designed of Molotov Cocktease from Venture Bros. (as of yet unposted on the website) was actually shown to people that work on Venture Bros and they loved it.

2. The Director of my Favorite documentary, King Of Kong, just bought one of my shirts from Spliteason.


And I don't care what spell check says, I spelled Cocktease right.


the tiger in your mind said...

I've never seen venture bros. but whatever.

any way, this site is awsome! I love the menus, and "specticle" is a good idea made better, can you make more?

awsome none the less. and I will be checking every day fom now on.

LONG LIVE NERDY JOKES! (the zelda bommerand shirt is realy awsome)

the tiger in your mind said...

sorry, bomeranG, not boomerand

Glen said...

Thanks man! always good to see someone has clicked through and read the read the comic and everything. :)