Thursday, May 15, 2008


My friend and Coworker Frank and I stumbled upon the website Cubeecraft several weeks ago during some downtime at work, and our obsession has been growing ever since.

The designs are simple as far as papercraft go, but the fact that you don't need any glue for these and can easily modify the template to make your own characters is mainly what sold us. If we weren't cutting out and assembling the models from the site we were designing our own, and Frank finally decided to contact the site owner and artist Chris Beaumont and show him the custom cubeecrfats we had been making.

The guy couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating, and quickly invited the two of us to design cubeecrafts on a regular basis. He generally posts one new character a week, and sometimes runs a special where he posts a new one for every day of a certain week.

So far he has posted my Haggar (from the SNES game Final Fight) and Hellboy, and Frank's MODOK. I've sent in a whole mess of other charaters which will be posted in due time, and Chris has a pretty sizeable line-up waiting as well. It's pretty smart to post only one a week, I don't think I'd have the patience.


Mokey said...

All hail the new blood at cubee craft,, im a confirmed adict and i have also made loads of them, yours included

keep it up :)


Glen said...

awesome man, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Cubeecraft totally rocks! I've just started making them and I won't stop until I have them all!