Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trace Cherokee Logo

On the 29th of this month country music legend and Seth Martin & Friends star Trace Cherokee will be performing live at the V Club in Huntington, opening for bluegrass band The Good Ol' Boys and a Girl.

Trace won't perform on just any dingy old stage, so we're in the process of building him some set pieces, including a large version of this logo I designed. Trace has sort of been the breakout star of our SMaF show and I am incredibly excited that he'll actually be going on in front of a live audience.

For a taste of his music, you can check out this YouTube clip of Trace and the Stenders performing "Mountain Woman" on local talk show Up Late.

Now, to pull back the curtain for a second, and I know this will sound biased since I'm involved in this puppet show and all, but I'm still amazed at how great this song is. I mean, not just as a parody of country's actually a really, really good song. I can listen to it over and over and still be blown away that my friends made it. I can say these things because I bring exactly zero musical talent to the table, and things like this are really the work of Michael Valentine, Ian Nolte, Kyle Quinn, and Bud Carroll and his band.

I've been told that Trace has been writing and practicing for some time now and I can't wait. I mean, when was the last time you walked into a bar and saw a puppet on stage?

You can check out Trace's Twitter here...

and the Facebook event for the show on the 29th is here.


Strange Kid said...

There is just way too much collective talent on Seth Martin and Friends for it not to succeed. :)

Great job to everyone-- wish I could be there!

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