Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Update

Here are some drawings from the last few sessions of the Dr Sketchy figure drawing and burlesque show in Charleston. The image above is from a session themed after our Festivall arts fair. I don't get to draw in a "realistic" style too often so I'm really happy with these considering how out of practice I am. Honestly I think attending Dr. sketchy just once a month has helped me shake some of the rust off.

The most recent session was roller derby themed, featuring girls from Huntington's own Jewel City Rollergirls.

One of the contests was to draw an opponent for the girls to face off against, and since my brain is always full of cartoons I immediately thought of the lummox character from Ren and Stimpy.

This drawing was the first time I made an effort to render the models in a full-on cartoony style. I've wanted to do it at past sessions but when the pose clock is ticking you feel pressure to just draw exactly what you see and get all the shapes on the page. I like the realistic drawings, but this was a fun exercise and I might throw in a couple like this at each session from now on.


Randall Nichols said...

I was hoping you did these, and that you'd put them up. I've wanted to see you draw Derby Girls forever.

Top notch. Glad you got a straight-up cartoon-y one in.

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Cool drawings, I wonder what Mortal Kombat character would you like to do, just for the fun.