Monday, May 23, 2011

Turtle Power!

Well, here it is! My piece for the Shell Shock TMNT tribute show next week. You'd better believe this was a lot of work! Please click on it for a larger view.

Of course I had to pay homage to the 1989 cartoon, as that was the version I and millions of others were obsessed with in our youth. I tried to include as many key characters and iconic visuals as I could, and threw in some stuff that I remember particularly fondly like the arcade game. (Speaking of which, the title of the piece is "Big Apple, 3 a.m." Some will get it!)

What can you say about the Ninja Turtles that does any justice to how much they took over our lives? It was THE show and had THE toys, everything else was secondary. I really wanted to dig out some of my old turtle drawings from when I was a kid to post along side this, just as a cool reminder of how far I've come with my drawing and yet how little my choice of subject matter has changed. I haven't had a chance to search them out though because they're rumored to be in a remote corner of my parent's attic. However, on my way home from picking up this print I came across a turtle in the middle of my street, so I stopped the car and moved him to save him from becoming road pizza. I suppose that's fitting enough.


Cup O Swank Studio said...

Very cool, Glen! I'm a bit too old for the cartoon, but I do remember the original comics! Excellent work!

Justin said...

It's awesome that you gave them their individual shades of green.

Craig Collins said...

Awesome work! That's a really distinctive take on Krang's robot body.

Tonight I dine on Turtle Soup!

Brandon said...

Man. Badass! I really wish I could get this as a print! I would totally frame this!

Cowabunga dude!

Scott said...

Just left the show. This piece looked great. I was lucky enough to buy it. Can't wait to go back and pick it up. Great work Glen!

xl pharmacy said...

Excellent work, the details and the colors are just so so good, congratulations on a well done job.

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