Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's

For the last three months I've been attending something called Dr. Sketchy's anti art school. It's a social art event that's half figure drawing class and half burlesque show. What's not to like, right? It's held once a month and is open to everybody: professional artists, amateurs, and spectators alike. Every session the models dress (or undress) according to a theme, and strike poses that range from one minute to twenty minutes. There are also contests held throughout the night that include things like drawing with your non dominate hand, switching the model's clothes, or adding in extra theme-appropriate characters.

There are Dr. Sketchy's branches all over the country, and I love the fact that we now have one here in Charleston, WV. Our arts community is very active but relatively small, so it's quite a treat to have something here that you'd normally have to go to a larger city to experience. I urge anyone in the area who has yet to attend to stop by sometime. Remember, you're not allowed to complain that there's "nothing to do around here" if you don't support cool stuff like this!

These are just some of my random sketches from the events. I've always liked figure drawing, but it's funny how it seemed like "work" when I was in college and now I go out and do it for fun.

I also want to acknowledge Chase Henderson who is responsible for bringing Dr. Sketchy's to Charleston. I'm sure it has to be a lot of planning and work to organize a monthly event, especially starting it from scratch, so good job! You can check out Charleston's page on the official Dr. Sketchy's site to see photos and get more info about when and where these are happening.

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Ink Asylum said...

I'm glad you're enjoying Dr. Sketchy's! I help out at the mothership Sketchy's in NYC. It's great to see what other cities are doing.