Monday, September 15, 2008

One-day shoot.

Last night the Brainwrap crew and collaborators began and wrapped filming on an entry for the Two-Minute Horror Movie competition. All told the filiming and prep-work took around 6 hours. A previous entry of ours in this competition was the Lycanthropy music video which is an easter egg on the Johnny Boy DVD. Can you find it? (I didn't hide it all that well.)

We were all able to witness an amazing makeup job by Dave Humphries and Carrie Kirk who are always our go-to make up people.

The brave and paitent Anthony Javorsky is the green guy with the eye. Anthony is typically called upon for our monster roles because he is actually man-shaped unlike us puny, weak creative types. Only at the end of the night as fake blood pooled in the seat of his pants did he ask "Can I be done?" through a set of plastic teeth.

Ian's house grew very hot as the body heat of nine individuals filled it continuously. A small price to pay for a night of laughs, mayhem, and gawking neighbors.

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