Monday, September 8, 2008

Meeting of the Brains

I feel like this post would be more at home on some sort of Brainwrap blog, but what the heck, I guess in a way this IS the only Brainwrap Blog...

The Brainwrap crew had its first meeting last night since most of the Johnny Boy dealings died down. Now we've all had time to forget just how grueluing the filmmaking process is so we're all ready jump back into the game, fists clenched and wallets vulnerable. We're still not ready to call our journey with Johnny Boy a done deal, but it has "plateaued," as I believe Ian put it. We (and by we I mean Ian) are still investigating ways to sell the DVD locally and nationally.

Our most recent project was to film a concert for local musician and friend Bud Carroll. We enlisted the help of several friends who also happen to be excellent cameramen, and Mikey V coreographed all 6 cameras as well as edited the whole thing together. It's possible that my job will be to produce the DVD in addition to shooting the most unusable footage out of the group. An interesting thing about this endevor was that a union guy working the show was litteraly about to throw us out/beat us up for wanting to film. Unions have crazy rules about being paid for work that other people do, which didn't bother me nearly as much as how amazingly rude and quick to anger the guy was.

It looks like our first foray back into creative films will be a very last minute entry into the Two-Minutue Horror Movie Festival. If we don't make the deadline this year it looks like we'll just shelve it until next year, at which point all of this will be forgotten and it will seem brand new!

Beyond that there are a few more ideas kicking around...all staring Seth.

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