Friday, November 9, 2012

Bad Dads Art Show

This is my piece for Spoke Art's "Bad Dads" gallery show which features art based on the films of Wes Anderson.

I decided to combined two of my favorite things that Wes Anderson has given us: a stop-motion rat and naked Natalie Portman! To tell you the truth I think The Life Aquatic may be my favorite of his movies, but I've seen so much great artwork based on it that I felt like I needed to do something different.

Here is a photo of opening night which I borrowed from Spoke Art's Flickr page. If you check out the rest of the photos you can see all of the amazing artwork as well as a ton of fans dressed up as their favorite characters.

Spoke Art is located at 816 Sutter Street in San Francisco, CA. This show runs until November 24th.

Just a goofy anecdote, when I saw the latest Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom in the theater a middle-aged woman in front of me remarked that it was "the worst movie she'd ever seen," which my friends and I couldn't help but laugh at. She clearly had no idea what she was getting herself into. She must have thought it was something staring Julia Roberts that ended with a wedding.