Monday, August 20, 2012

Night of the Exquisite Corpse

This weekend was the opening of Night of the Exquisite Corpse, an art show that features zombie-themed paper toys, hosted by Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I've loved designing paper toys ever since i got hooked on making Cubees for, so this sounded like a fun show to be a part of.

I chose to base my design on Schrödinger's Cat, the famous thought experiment in which a cat trapped in a box is simultaneously alive and dead. My thinking was that this would technically make him a zombie, right? I had a lot of fun designing him, especially the cut-out piece of his head and the cardboard box that opens to show his guts.

All of the pieces for this show are amazingly well done, and you can check them out here on a very cool website that lets you view each zombie by artist or mix and match their parts.

And finally, you can buy your very own Schrödinger's Cat paper toy right here! Put him together and love him to death!


Kitty Dangerosive said...

The link to buy the kitty isn't working!!!
I want it!

lol Please let me know how I can purchase it

มโน เอาเอง said...

Welcome to the new world.