Friday, April 20, 2012

Penn & Teller

Here's one from a little while ago. The misses and I took a Valentines/anniversary trip to Vegas, and I knew we had to catch Penn & Teller's stage show while we there. As I've mentioned on here before I'm a huge fan of Penn Jillette and the TV show Bullshit.

I wanted to give them each a drawing, and I already had one of Penn that I had made for a celebrity themed Dia de los Muertos art show, but that seemed like a weird thing to have to explain to them face to face, especially since I get tongue-tied talking to celebrities I really admire. So I created this new piece and based it around Penn's love of jazz. I gave them each a print and had them sign one for me:

I tend to feel like it would be disingenuous to do something like this for a celebrity only to paperclip a business card to it, like I'm only looking to get a gig or something, so I hardly ever do that.  But both of them seemed to really like the drawing and later I sort of regretted not giving them any way to track down the guy who did this artwork of them. So I contacted Penn on his Facebook page and he was nice enough to reply.

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wimpCheese said...

I love these colors! They make me happy : )

I'm a new follower, but I actually bought your "Peace in Space" print from Splitreason, before I realized that you were the artist. Thank you! It's up at the studio and everyone loves it.