Friday, March 9, 2012

Is This Thing On? 2

Opening tonight is Gallery1988's "Is This Thing On 2: The Weird Year," an art show that pays tribute to stand-up comedians with host "Weird" Al Yankovic!

I decided to base my piece on Lewis Black after I watched a documentary about him a few weeks ago. I've always liked him and even got to see him live when I was in college. The thing I remember most about his show was that he said it was dumb to be a republican or a democrat, which is something I've said forever. It's always gotten me funny looks, so it was great to hear somebody like him yell it through a microphone. I've been lucky enough to meet quite a few of my geeky heroes and I have to say that he tops the list of nicest so far.

Also, it seemed like an obvious joke for any stand-up, but I thought it would be funny to portray him as The Comedian from The Watchmen comics.

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JD Dyslexia said...

Any chance we can purchase prints of this in the future? I love this!