Thursday, August 11, 2011

Terminator 2

I'll spare you the business details, but by recommendation my work for Front magazine has led to some work for FHM magazine. They commissioned me to do this piece, and here's hoping they'll send more gigs my way!

The article is an anniversary tribute to Terminator 2. I hadn't seen any of the movies for quite a while so I went back and watched them while I worked on this assignment. Not that anybody needs me to say it, but T2 is easily the highlight of the series. The large graphic above is for a two page opening spread, and I also completed two spot graphics:

I'm particularly happy with the background in the larger drawing; I've never had to draw an apocalyptic cityscape before.


Claire said...

Theeeeese are fantastic- great caricature and lighting all around.

My bud and I cosplayed as Sarah Connor and the T-1000 a few years back- specifically the T-1000 with the claw arms and bullet holes on his chest- so I'm pretty thrilled to see these. :D


Jeyl said...

No Sarah Conner?!