Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Front Issue 151

That's right, I have eight pages of illustrations in just one issue! I had no idea they were going to run two of my article illustration sets in a single issue, so for a while I thought I must have missed the "Build the Ultimate Gang" piece. I've posted the original illustrations before so there's not much new to add here. Oh, except that the title of the second article, "Live like you're minted when your totes f*cking skinted" means "how to live like you have a lot of money when you really don't." Slowly but surely as I work for Front I'm gaining a sense of British slang.

I apologize for the bad quality photos. If anyone has any pointers for taking good pictures of magazines I'm open to advice.


Strange Kid said...

Both sets are great, but I love the "Ultimate Gang" piece. I might would have to trade Chewy for the Ultimate Warrior (not 100% sure though).

This gives me an awesome idea for a post... :)

fayyaz said...

Just dropped into your website. Amazing work! Just the kind I love!

Which Magazine is this?

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Cool illustrations albino ! your works reminds me the covers of super furry animals covers!