Friday, November 12, 2010

The Whole Gang

It occurs to me that this would be pretty funny to post with no explanation or context, but I guess I'll tell you anyway! It's my latest piece for Front Magazine, this one for an article about putting together the perfect stereotypical gang.

We have Peter Venkman as the ladies man, Donatello as the brains, Chewbacca as the muscle, Screech as the wild card, Dobby as the mascot, and the A-Team van as the vehicle.

I really like Chewbacca in the wrestling getup. Sadly I can't claim credit for that as it was in the commission description, though it was my idea to give Screech a child's toy guitar. I'm not too fond of Dobby or anything Harry Potter related, but neither are the people at Front as they told me to make him look "hateable," haha!


Kenney said...

Dobby looks too much like Gollum

Randall Nichols said...

I happen to think he looks like just the right amount of Gollum.