Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here's another piece I created for the Artmares show in Charleston, WV. It's always fun to touch on a bit of local pop culture, so I decided to do some silly caricatures of two popular news anchors from this area, Tim Irr and Tony Cavalier. If you're from the greater WV area, southern Ohio, or eastern Kentucky, then you're probably very familiar with these guys and the WSAZ evening newscast (our local NBC affiliate.)

I was a little concerned about this piece because it's based on real people, both of whom I've met in passing, and I didn't want it to be offensive in any way. I thought it would be funny to take guys who deliver serious news to us night after night and make them look like a couple of giddy kids with their trick-or-treat bounty. I think I succeeded, but I do have to say that I got some very strange reactions to this piece. Well, maybe I shouldn't say strange as much as very specific reactions. Most people will look at a piece of art and react with "Hmm," or if you're lucky, "I really like this one." But with this piece everybody seemed to have a very unique interpretation, including people who didn't even recognize the newscasters, which was quite curious.

At any rate, a former WSAZ photojournalist bought the piece. He was a nice guy who totally got the joke, so I'm happy he enjoyed it!

Here's a pic of my pieces hanging at the show:

I had a great Halloween this year thanks in no small part to all those close to me, so here's hoping yours was a good one too.

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Colton Balske said...

Did your other two pieces sell at that show as well?