Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grimace Shirt, Round Two

Okay! Now that the shirt is no longer featured on Woot's front page, it is up to me to promote it with the link they have given me. That ink is right here, so buy some, and tell your friends!

It will be up for sale for certain until the end of the month, at which point it will be subject to "the reckoning," which means it will have to stay in the top 20 sales on the site to continue to be available. Once it drops out of the top 20, it's gone for good.

Woot has an...interesting way of doing things, that's for sure, I've never dealt with a site quite like them. The stats page they make availble to the artist is pretty sweet though. I can tell you exactly how many shirts I've sold and what states they went to, what hour they were bought, how many people signed up for the site just to buy my shirt, etc.


David Bryant said...

I bought a shirt and love it. I have worn it for 2 days. Even the tag on the shirt has woot humor. Thanks for such a great shirt and the amazing work you create.

daniel john said...

Nice one buddy!!

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