Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adventure Time

Chogrin, head honcho over at the Autumn Society, started a job not too long ago working for Cartoon Network on a new series called Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. He put an open call out to AS members to create tribute pieces for the show to be used in an art book, on their blog, and to celebrate the series launch.

Creating this piece was an interesting challenge because the show doesn't debut until next month. There was plenty of info and photos out there for research purposes, but it just isn't possible yet to get a really good feel for the characters and what direction their adventures will take them. From what I can tell the show has kind of a Flapjack feel, and if I'm not mistaken involves some of the crew members from that series as well. Therefore I tried to incorporate some of the random silliness that gives that show it's signature feel, and hope I didn't miss the mark too much.

You can check out the pilot here, which was originaly a short on Nickelodeon. You also might notice that back then Finn's name was Pen.

Pen, by the way, is the name of the shows creator, and Chogrin wrote to tell me that he has seen my piece and he loved it!


Strange Kid said...

F'ing a, I love it. Been so excited to see this 'toon (what can I say, I'll be seven forever) and your "ode to adventure" makes me that much more amped for the premiere.

Kenney said...

Can i have a side of Brain Lapse? Gosh Darn it, thats gotta be one crazymofocartoonymabob. Best tv series EVAH. said...

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