Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Show follow-up and Meeting Doug Jones

Chris from Cubeecraft was able to attend the reception of the 8 Bit and Beyond show (that's him on the right) and said that people had good things to say about my piece, which is awesome. Especially considering all the other great work there. I took this image from the Facebook page of Brave New Worlds, the comic shop that's hosting the show.

And I was successful in getting Doug Jones to sign my illustration! I told him that I had something unique for him and he did a bit of a double take and said "Wow! Oh my God!" when I sat it down on the table. He told me I made his day and that no one else had ever had him sign any Mac Tonight stuff (which I'm guessing is why he wrote "You got me!") He was an incredibly nice guy and asked if I would send the file to his website for posting, which I'll update on if it pans out. He also gave me a big hug...which he did to everybody, but you know, a guy likes to feel special.

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Andrea Dippolito said...

Congratulations on your show!! AND you got an autograph (plus hug) from Doug Jones!!!!!! It sounds like you had a great time!