Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dr. E. Brown Enterprises

If you know me you know that Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all time. All three movies were just re-released on DVD with even more special features, making this the...fourth time I've bought them. (Hey, everybody has a movie that they'll allow themselves to buy over and over, mine just happens to not be Star Wars.)

One of the major new features is the footage from Back to the Future: The Ride at Universal Studios, now replaced by a similar Simpsons themed ride. The footage they shot for the lobby monitors of the ride included some very funny if awkward footage of Doc posing in various cliched "historical figure" poses, my favorite of which was a really goofy-eyed Napoleonic pose that inspired me to sit down at the drawing table. I kept expanding on the idea until I came up with a pseudo ad that seemed best fit for a wallpaper, so I added a wallpaper section to the site to accommodate it.

Download it here.


Dave Humphreys said...

I like your cartoon Doc. It looks like a cross between the BTTF animated series and the old Jay Ward cartoons.

Heart of Glass said...

I decided if this dosn't get printed for real (which it will, so this is a moot point, but anyway) I am making myself a polo shirt of it.
You can go ahead an sue me for the image rights, too. I wont even care, I'll be too busy looking sharp in my Doc Brown polo.

Brad said...

Fabulous! you should do more caricatures!