Monday, January 19, 2009

The Character Toy Archive

Time to post about something near and dear to my

I love toys and I love collecting them. I like to think that I collect toys in much the same way that people collect baseball cards or coins, which is to say in a respectable, hobbyish way. But I guess at the end of the day I'm still a twenty-something with a wall full of action figures.

At any rate, my friend Dave has been collecting toys his whole life and has started a blog to archive his collection. Starting a collection of toys when you're a kid may seem like an obvious thing to do since all kids love them, but Dave is different in that he just seems to have been born with that collector's instinct. When most kids decided it was time to put their toys in a yard sale and leave their childhood memories behind, Dave put his toys away on shelves or in carefully kept boxes.

Having witnessed first hand the sheer amount of collectibles that Dave has in his possession as well as the caliber of his rarities, novelties, and things that make you say "oh my God, I remember that!" or "where did that come from?" I can safely say that he has enough material to keep posting for quite some time.

Check out his site at The Character Toy Archive


Dave Humphreys said...

Thanks a lot for that, seriously. I appreciate it. Outside things have kept me from updating my blog, but I haven't forgotten about it. More is on the way.

Montano TV said...

know which company manufactured these toys?