Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas Clock is Ticking

This is the most hectic holiday season I've had in recent memory. Several projects going on at the same time on top of buying presents.

It seems like the days until the 25th are flying by and I only have so much to show for the work I've been trying to put into getting good gifts. The main problem right now is that the fate of a few of the gifts is out of my hands. I had a good idea for a gift that would take care of five people on my list, and though it does involve getting those five people (and more) the same thing it's not as lame as that usually is, I promise. They are items that have to be specially made with the right equipment.

Have you ever run into a specific kind of business that just absolutely does not seem to want your patronage? That's the kind of thing I'm running into with this. Since someone(s) receiving said gifts might be reading this, I'll just call the service "service X." I've tried all kinds of companies that provide service X, both national and local, and it took a while just to find one that would respond to me. I decided to focus on local places since I figured that would cut out shipping time and improve me helping the company with the order and vice versa. So I drove to a place that provides service X and the people couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. I was supposed to recieve a proof of the product the next day, and it is now five days later with no contact. I've tried to call the sales representative I talked to several times and only get voice mail.

What is it with entire kinds of businesses just not wanting your money? I mean they need money, right? So why do they act like they couldn't care less?

I need a Christmas miracle. Anyone?


Randall Nichols said...

I'm all miracled out, but I do wish you the best. Even with my Christmas effed up beyond belief, it makes me happy to hear about someone else going through all the usual trials of the season.

It's cliche, but as for the "on time" part, I always looked at this time as a season of giving, corny though that sounds, so even if you're well into January before your special someone gets what they want, my philosophy is, if it's still snowing, it's still Christmas [criteria now extends to New Orleans, I've found out].

Good luck, man. Sending good Christmas vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

If television has taught me anything, it's that Christmas miracles always happen at the last possible second. So while your in the midst of apologizing for canceling Christmas, the Service X guy will burst in from the blizzard outside not only with all of your presents in tow, but also a festive Christmas ham. Then everyone will go into a freeze-frame, as a distant voiceover wonders whether or not Steve Urkel and Carl Winslow will make it off the subway in time to see their families for Christmas.

Also, your shirts have made it to Game Sniped again, with a special recommendation for the Samus one.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for typing so fast that I left the 're off of the word "you're." It drives me nuts when I see those mixed up, and it won't let me edit the post. Gah.

Anonymous said...

i know what it is...i think. i know what service x is.