Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Done!

Short of a few read-throughs and corrections I finished the comic script today that has been snowballing in my head for years. It's called "The Spectacle" (same as my short comic.) I plan to ready a draft complete with character sketches so that my friends and colleagues who are willing (especially those who have experience with this kind of thing) can read it and give me feedback before I begin the arduous task of drawing it, which at my generous estimation should take just over the rest of my life.

As I'm re-reading it and trying to correct all the embarrassing mistakes I'm going to post character sketches here. Some of them contain spoilers, though, so there's not really any fun in posting those...

I've never taken a crack at coming up with a plot synopsis outside of spouting my ideas off to my friends, so this is my first attempt:

Ted is a shoulder demon (one of those guys that sits on your shoulder trying to get you to do bad stuff) who has lived with a human named Oly for as long as she can remember. When Ted's angel counterpart is killed he is instructed to return to Hell so that the balance of angels and demons on Earth will again be even. Problem is, Ted doesn't want to go back. Oly enlists the help of her superhuman boyfriend, Fakeout, who is the reluctant and under-appreciated sidekick of the town superhero, The Spectacle. The group of friends quickly realize that going up against the forces of Hell itself isn't as easy as they'd hoped and they're going to need all the help they can get.

Good enough for the back of a 1980's VHS.

The first character sketch I'm posting is Happenman, the town's washed up superhero from yesteryear. Whereas most hero's powers are clearcut and convenient, Happenman's powers are wildly unpredictable at best.


Randall Nichols said...

Congratulations, man. Finally making headway on a project like this is always exciting, and getting a script is a big step. The pictures look great too... Happenman is awesome as always, but Oly's sisters look spectacular.

Anonymous said...

i'm with randall on this one. but we talked about this already. can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that Happenman finally came to fruition.