Monday, July 28, 2008

Catch-all Update

Has anyone seen the Muppet viral videos on youtube? Rumor has it they are hinting at something like a possible new movie. They are easy to find once you realize that they all have the tag "virmup," which I guess also proves they are deliberate.

Here is a link to one, and the rest can be found in the sidebar.

My one word review of the X-Files movie: Nope.

DVDs of Johnny Boy have gone into production! I created every aspect of the DVD from the menus to the packaging and learned a lot in the process so I'm pretty proud/excited. Go ahead and buy one from our site if you haven't already, and hopefully we'll be taking some measure soon to get word out to more than the two people who will read this.

And lastly, an article that may pass up 'Xzibit doesn't believe in aliens' as my favorite of all time. Some guy named "Rampage" Jackson (apparently a UFC champion, I could never get into that stuff) tried to get away from police and several traffic accidents he caused while driving a car with A PICTURE OF HIS OWN FACE plastered on it. I think only Seth can really appreciate this on the same level I do.

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