Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I've been working on the site some. Not changing too much of the look yet except for the front page, just doing some updates here and there. I've started a new blog so that I can actually have it integrated into my page as opposed to the I-frame I was using which was horribly tacky and terrible for functionality. I looked into having a blog (not wordpress. com, there's a difference, aren't you cool enough to know that?) but my god was that ever complicated. "Simple 5-minute installation" my foot. I mean I'm no web guru, I know enough to get by, but if you know enough web programming to be able to get one of those things working it seems like you wouldn't need the service in the first place. What I've learned is to be wary of any service that comes with literally 100's of pages of documentation (every "read this before you get started" page had its own "read this before you get started" page.)

My ultimate goal for this project was to combine my website blog with my Facebook notes, since people actually read Facebook notes (and Facebook is just a much better networking tool than individual blogs) but sadly I don't think this is going to happen. It is possible, surprisingly, but only through use of Wordpress and some plugins.

So for now this will have to do. I guess I'll just link to this blog from Facebook and see how that goes. I just hate that no one will be notified when comments are made, etc, all that cool functionality that actually pushes people over the line to be active in online communication.


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