Wednesday, December 15, 2010

IGN's 2010 Gamer Girl Gift Guide

My friend Randall has brought to my attention that two of my shirts made IGN's 2010 Gamer Girl Gift Guide. It's quite an honor to be featured on a site like IGN with such a wide reach, especially for my women's apparel which is something I get a lot of requests to do more of. Speaking of IGN, does anyone else remember the early days of the internet when IGN was I was probably in grade school, and it was a bare-bones site that only reviewed Nintendo 64 games. It's pretty crazy to think about how it grew from a site that looked like it was started by a teenager on a public library computer to the giant online presence it is today. Ah, internet memories.

Every once in a while I'll get some press that really makes me stop and think about how crazy it is that my artwork is getting noticed, and this is one of those times. I did a couple of drawings here on this drawing table I've had since I was a kid, sent them out through a cord plugged into the wall, and months later, through no further effort of my own, there is money being spent by a large company on professional models and photographers to produce the images of my designs you see here. It's a very, very odd thing to me when I really think about it, and I'm so lucky to have had my work pay off in so many interesting ways.

And for the obligatory plug, you can buy these shirts and many more here at my store!

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