Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dating on a Budget

These are drawings from my latest assignment for Front magazine, an article about playing up your lack of money to attract women. Is it too late to warn against the adult nature of these images? (Well, no more adult than you'll see on a thirty foot billboard in Times Square, anyway.) At any rate, you can see how this is a continuation of the "hot chick" theme I mentioned yesterday. The article isn't so much full of actual advice as it is jokes, and the direction I was given was to draw "extremely sexy" women with a guy who resmbles a typical Front reader, though somewhat more slovenly and homeless looking. In the first and second versions of these pieces the guy looked a whole lot like my friend Kyle, which was bit odd, but I was just following their description and reference photos as best I could. It looks a little less like him in the final, but it's no so different that he can't tell people it's him if he chooses.

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Strange Kid said...

Haha, these are great! Never heard of Front magazine before, though. Is it anything like Stuff or Maxim?