Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fake Beer

This is the logo for a fictitious beer brand within my comic script. The research for this was actually pretty fun because I had to figure out just what it is that makes an alcohol logo so identifiable. When you see a beer logo you know it's for beer even if you've never heard of that brand, but it's not easy to verbalize just why that is. I guess the short version of my findings is that beer logos are usually much more elaborate than what a normal logo should be, with lots of unnecessary design elements and bits of text. The Heineken logo even includes awards the brand has won. Plus there are a few general design staples that you see reused quite a bit.

I forgot that graphic design can actually be fun when you don't have someone telling you to suck all the creativity out of your work (i.e. any client ever in the history of the world who is not an artist themselves.)

This logo is part of a drawing I've done that's in three pieces...or layers...or something. This is the first piece.


Justin said...

Haha, wow. I like that. That's really good.

You (or I, if I can get the file from you) should print it off and sticker it on bottles.

But then again, it would look like we have bottles of beer just laying around.

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting the dreaded red X, which is unfortunate, because I really wanted to see it.