Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Heart Girls: Katie Pfeffer and Zangief

I collaborated with I Heart to create a series of images combining my video game artwork with photos of models taken by Cherie Roberts, and here's one of them!

Today's image features the lovely Katie Pfeffer. The intention for each image was for me to come up with the poses and scenes beforehand so that Cherie could match them in her photos, but this was a pose that Cherie and Katie came up with just as an extra. Cherie sent it to me in case I wanted to use it, and I loved it.

I like including elements in my drawings that you can only get away with in illustration, like using the impossible size of a charterer like Zangief to create contrast with other figures. I was curious to see what that would be like when an actual person was involved, which is what lead to this idea. (That and my love of Zangief.)

Katie's shirt was blank in the photo, so of course I had to add something to it. And I finished it off by giving her the Chun-Li hair bun...things. I'm sure they have an official name.

Here are some progress photos:

Thank you Cherie and Katie!


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