Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Heart Girls: Jaclyn Swedberg and Mario

I collaborated with I Heart Girls.com to create a series of images combining my video game artwork with photos of models taken by Cherie Roberts, and here's one of them!

When Cherie brought up the possibility of working with the 2012 Playmate of Year on this project it took me about two seconds to say yes. The result is a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous lady, Jaclyn Swedberg. I'll leave you to do your own research on her Playboy shoots.

When I first came up with this pose I had a different idea in mind that involved characters gathering around to watch the screen of the model's Game Boy. But after I saw the photo I had a better idea, which came from thinking about the contour of the model's body mimicking the terrain of a video game level. Mario games have the most recognizable side-scrolling levels, so going with that seemed to make the most sense. I allowed myself to use all Mario characters in this image with the caveat that I wouldn't use them at all in the other pieces of the series, just to make sure I came up with different ideas.

Here are some progress images of how the whole thing came together:

Thank you Cherie and Jaclyn!


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