Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Scott Pilgrim and the year-long drawing

Another drawing in tribute to Scott Pilgrim! This is something I did just for fun and I've been working on it my free time. I started it forever ago but I just couldn't get it to a place where I was entirely happy with it, so I reworked it to death, probably wasting more time on it than I should have. I just love the characters from those books so much, both in personality and design. The look of these characters is so deceptively simple that you'd think they'd be easy to draw but they're actually quite difficult to get right. When you have simple characters like these every line placement counts, so getting even one thing wrong makes the whole character look off. It's really a testament to Bryan Lee O'Malley's drawing skills which improved significantly over the course of the six book run.

I actually had this idea over a year ago, I think around the time book 5 came out. I gave it a shot back then but decided that I just couldn't combine my style and O'Malley's in a way that worked. So here I am a year later and I was finally able to see the idea through to completion. I basically took several ideas and images from the book that I liked and combined them into one scene, adding my own goofy ideas here and there.

I also opened up the old Photoshop file of my original attempt at this scene and boy was it awful. I wanted to post it here as a nice supplement but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Some things are better left unseen!


Nick Robinson said...

Put this on a poster and I will buy it. You have my guarantee.

Strange Kid said...

Love Ramona's "frog suit." Is there anything that you can't make look awesome, Glen? [That's a rhetorical question, btw, of course there's not.]

A la sombra de un destello said...



ryan said...

This def. needs to go in your store as a print!