Wednesday, September 1, 2010

College Girls

My latest assignment from Front Magazine, an illustration for a feature about different types of college girls. They actually left the poses up to me this time, but gave me a list of things to include for each girl such as "goth cleavage." From left to right, we have the goth, sporty girl, nerd, "posh," (I think we'd just call her rich) and punk.

One thing I've noticed when doing these Front spreads is that they always like to have the characters drinking different types of alcohol as a way of differentiating their personalities. This was especially funny to me on my last assignment when I had to draw soccer players drinking apparently as they were playing. The nerdy girl was my favorite out of this group, and as someone who doesn't drink I was especially pleased that they requested for her to be drinking plain ol' Coke.

I also always have to learn new British terminology when I do these. This time the word that stuck out was "plaster," which I figured out means bandage.

Working for Front is always a pleasure!

Here's my original pencils for the piece:

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EZ Goodnight said...

Illustration is really fun. I especially like the lineart. I imagine the article is a paragon of gender egalitarianism. (I say this, but I would jump at the chance to draw for the same mag. :p)