Monday, December 15, 2008


My Moby Dick shirt is up for sale now, as noted in the Splitreason Blog:

"From the mind of Glen Brogan comes a truly epic battle for the ages! Had it been waged in an arcade, it would have looked something like this. Remember kids, cheat codes hadn’t been invented yet."

Also Dave let me know that Gamesniped has mentioned my shirts again:

"I realize there are tons of video game T-shirt companies out there. Split reason however, is hands down my favorite. Not only do they have the typical FPS and retro related T-shirts, but they also have a ton of rather obscure as well as witty T-shirts.

Seriously, Lemmings? Sweet!

My favorite by far though, has to be this Metroid / Nintendo T-Shirt. I just thought it was absolutely stunning."

What a nice thing to say! Read the article here and visit Gamesniped here to let them do all your Ebay searching for you.

And an update: it looks like I might get my Christmas miracle from the most unlikely place I could have imagined. It will be quite a story if it works out, and possibly make me believe in Santa again. Wait, Santa doesn't perform miracles, does he? Should I believe in Jesus instead? Maybe I'll just pick Moby Dick as an impartial fictional being and be done with it. Thanks, Moby.

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Anonymous said...

i believe in Moby Miracles.