Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Game Genie Shirt

My Game Genie shirt went up for sale today. I can't wait to get one of these because this is in my top three favorite shirts that I've done.

You should buy one for everybody you know, even if they have no idea what this or any other video game related shirt is about (like most of my family.)

Speaking of buying something for everyone you know, have you ever seen those generic check-off lists they use as ads for gifts cards and things? They'll say something like "When buying your Applebee's gift cards, don't forget anyone!" and then have this huge list of people that includes your doctor and even the mailman. Who buys gifts for their mailman? I just thought that was kinda strange. This isn't the 50's and I'm not rich.

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ooh that is a very cute t-shirt, my son is here next to me and he saw this t-shirt and he asked me to get it for him!!