Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's been the talk of the town, and now you can own some Sharknado prints if you're heading to the San Diego Comic Con this week. The prints are an official collaboration between Gallery 1988 and the SyFy network. (I know, spell check, I'm sorry, but they changed the name to have Ys, there's nothing I can do.) I'm pretty excited to be a part of this cultural phenomenon in some small way. There are three prints available, and above is the one I contributed.

I watched the movie before starting on the drawing, and while my friends and I are no strangers to seeking out the worst and most obscure movies to enjoy, I have to say that Sharknado was a unique experience. I think that's mainly because it's a low budget movie that is very purposefully silly and over-the-top. At first that may sound obvious, but in my experience these kinds of movies are either one or the other, meaning that they are either: A) very low budget but a genuine attempt at serious film making, or B) regular budget with intentional silliness that may try to parody low budget. Both types usually create unintentional humor, which is why they make for fun watching with friends.

Anyway, that's probably way too much analysis. Enjoy some cool artwork at Comic Con, and if you feel like it, mail a poor, east-coast dwelling artist any extra convention exclusives you may get!

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