Monday, January 16, 2012

Adult Swim x Gallery1988

I want to thank everybody for the great response I've gotten to my pieces for the Adult Swim show, I've had a lot of people reach out to me and it's really been amazing. The photo above was taken by Jonathan Bilski; I really appreciate him sending it along!

One thing I've been asked about quite a bit is prints. It was a bit of a last minute rush followed by a post office delivery miracle, but I was in fact able to get signed editions of the Birdgirl and Venture Bros pieces to the gallery by opening night. So for anybody who is interested you can buy those at the gallery's site:

From Venture With Love print

Sebben & Sebben 2012 Calender print

And here's a great video of opening night:

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Elchin said...

Any chance for a Space Ghost print? Someone posted it on Reddit and it made me really nostalgic for the show. Would love to have this hanging on my wall. It's an amazing thing.

Please let me know...