Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grabage Pail Kids

This is my piece for the Garbage Pail Kids' art show that opens early next month at Gallery 1988. As soon as I get all the details I'll be sure to post them here. The show is officially sponsored by GPK and is one of the largest collaborations the brand has ever participated in. I also hear that pieces they like may get to become actual cards!

Artists were asked to look through the fifteen original series of GPK cards and do their own interpretation of their favorite. It was amazingly tough to pick just one card, and even harder to feel like you could improve upon such classic images. I finally settled on Handy Randy because his card was gross in a really creative way. A large chunk of the cards, perhaps even the majority, are variations on puking, so I liked that this was a gross out that I'd never seen or even thought of before.

Here's the original:

The instructions were to keep the pieces in recognizable card format, but part of me feels that I didn't stray far enough away from the original image. I guess I feel like there must be some super creative way to interpret these cards, but they're so gross to begin that it's hard to top. I'm sure there will be a ton of amazing pieces in this show!


Strange Kid said...

Personally I think you did an awesome job, Glen! The fingers through the nose was a nice revision, not to mention the snot trail.

This sounds like an EPIC art show-- can't wait to hear more details!

Gulzar said...