Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Geek Art

The owner of contacted me to let me know that he had featured my two newest Bowser and Zelda inspired shirt designs on his site. It's a French site but written mostly in English, and there's a ton of great artwork on there so you should check it out. I'm sure I'll be visiting frequently.

Also, I was quite surprised to see an article on that was titled "Worst Nerd Shirt Ever" and featured a picture of my George Lucas/Chewbacca shirt. Turns out the article was about a contest that Splitreason (the company that makes and sells my shirts) was sponsoring for ToplessRobot readers. The point of the contest was to see who could come up with the worst nerdy shirt idea ever, and the winner got some free Splitreason swag. The photo of my shirt was just used as an example of one of the cool designs you could pick from if you won (I hope.)
Rob, the guy that runs the site, also continued to recommend my "Winner's Don't Use Drugs" shirt in the article. I'm really happy that I made something that pleases him so much because he has a bit of a reputation among visitors of the site as being one of those nerds who seem to hate more things about nerdy culture than they like.

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