Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to the Future Spread for Front Magazine

This is the special "Summer" issue of Front, which is number 144 and falls between the July and August issues. It has my favorite assignment that I've done for them so far, the Back to the Future illustration!

As you may remember from when I first posted about this piece, I did a ton of research for it and spent much more time on the background than I do on most drawings. As usual, it looks great at full size in the magazine. There's just something about seeing you work printed that's really cool.

I bought this a few days ago and the Mrs. and I flipped through it at a kid-filled McDonalds at 10:30 at night, despite the fact that every issue of Front is chock full of nakedness.


Strange Kid said...

It really shows that you took time to really appreciate the intricacies of the franchise. Really some great work, I'll have to see if I can snag a copy at Books-A-Million this weekend.

Chogrin said...

Congrats man! When you get a chance, please post on AS!