Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peripheral Vision

A new shirt design submitted to Splitreason that is a visual index of first party North American peripherals for the Nintendo Entertainment System (and the Game Genie, made by Galoob.) You can vote on it here.

While simple in concept this design took a lot of work; half of the time I spent on this was just doing research. I had to compile a list of what should be included, then find pictures of each item that not only let me create an accurate drawing but gave me good size reference. Then of course I had to draw the thing. Click on the image above for a bigger version than is available on Splitreason's site.

I have also created a key, below, to identify each item for those who don't recognize them.

Click each item for its Wikipedia page:

1. Power Pad
2. NES Zapper (orange version)
3. Standard NES controller
4. NES Zapper (original gray version)
5. NES Four Score
6. NES Advantage
7. NES console
8. Power Glove (including glove and receiver rig that is placed on the TV)
9. Game Genie
10. Gyromite Kit for R.O.B. (Including platforms, tops, spinner, and grips)
11. NES Satellite (Including main unit and infrared receiver)
12. R.O.B.
13. Dogbone Controller for the NES 2
14. NES Max
15. Stack-Up Kit for R.O.B. (Including platforms, colored discs, and grips)

I know, I know. "Sorry, but you didn't include ______ ." and " That one shouldn't be on there." After Mario's Closet, I'm ready for whatever you want to throw at me. I hope.


Unknown said...

of course you didn't include the book with really confusing instruction on how to program the power glove to the individual game you wanted to play...sorry i had to, just know i didn't mean it...now come help with this damned octopus.

--also, my verification word was "horre". just funny...

Randall Nichols said...

We should start a pool on things that people are going to yell at you for forgetting. I'd put fifty on the first thing mentioned being the top loader.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Gah, my posts were being screwy there.

I'm really impressed by how well the peripherals are scaled to one another, and I'm glad that you included both versions of the zapper.

Also, I'm willing to bet that someone will point out that the Power Glove was made by Mattel, as if you shouldn't have included it. Pssh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Key! Power Glove... what a classic!

Zachary Knoles said...

No complaints here, this is fantastic!

Particularly nice work on the colors, too. I know it's the NES, so there aren't a lot of choices, but those particular gray and red colors make it look very classy.

Nick said...

I think I like the key version just as well as the full color one - particularly because you made the effort to include the appropriate font. Awesome work as usual!