Saturday, September 12, 2009

Store is open for business & other updates

I finally manged to get caught up with all the things I wanted to update on the site, not least of which was adding a store page. The links on the page take you to product pages on, so it's not really an actual store as much as it is an organization of photos and links, but some people who wanted to buy one of my shirts didn't know how to tell which ones were mine when looking at the entire Splitreason catalog, and really they shouldn't have to sift through it all anyway. (Not that I don't think all the shirts aren't worth looking at, but you get what I mean.)

Organizing the links and photos was part of the work, but another big part was adding a store link on the top and bottom navigational fields of every page. Sounds easy, but can be tricky sometimes.

The only other page that got a significant amount of work done was the voices section, where I took away a few of the older items and added some new ones, as well as updated the Cubees page since all my Cubees can now be found in the art section. It's now a showcase of videos, press, and fan images related to Cubees I've created.

Every last page on the site received changes. Most were pretty minor, but they were still enough to keep me busy for a while.

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