Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Sesame Street Shirt is here!

The Shirt I designed for Threadless' Sesame Street design challenge is now up for sale!

I'm so excited to be a Threadless alumni and have an official piece of Sesame Street merchandise under my belt.

It comes in mens, womens, kids, and babies' sizes; and I can't tell you how much I love the kids shirts and onesies. If anybody buys one for their little one PLEASE send me a photo, I would love to see it in action.

Some of the sizes look like they are going quickly, so please go here to buy one!


boob said...

Hey! I'm about to buy your shirt on Threadless and I figured I'd take a look at the artist's link. Low and behold, we were both in the Night of Exquisite Corpse show! Double low and behold, I'm finishing up my image for the Gallery '88 Apatow show! Funny.

Ha - anyway, you have great great work. And consistency!


มโน เอาเอง said...

Welcome to the new world.