Saturday, December 10, 2011

25 Days of Xmas Drawings: Day 10

Garfield and Grandma from A Garfield Christmas. This is one of my favorite specials of all time. It's surprising how genuinely funny and moving it is. I think it deserves to be added into the mix of currently aired Xmas specials.


Cup O Swank Studio said...

I remember that one well! It was really touching one, I think. Glad you added it!

Cup O Swank Studio said...

oh, and if you're taking requests (she said hopefully), I'd love to see your take on Rankin & Bass' "The Little Drummer Boy". That's never on tv anymore, I think because it shows a pet lamb being run down and killed in the street. And that's why Aaron hated people. ALL people. :)

Steve said...

glen it would be cool to have one of those pull tab houses with these pics underneath :) and you pull one on dec 1 and so on