Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This Saturday is the annual art parade which marks the beginning of FestivALL, a week long arts festival held in Charleston.

Local NBC affiliate WSAZ has asked people to send in drawings of Beeper, the station's unofficial mascot, so they can use them to decorate a news van for the parade. Since I did a piece featuring Beeper for last year's FestivALL I jumped at the chance to participate. The entry request was primarily aimed at children, of course, but there was no age limit, so who am I to stand idly by and let gradeschoolers have all the fun?

Beeper was the sidekick on Mr. Cartoon, a local children's television program that ran for many years on WSAZ. I did an in depth post about it last year, so you can check out my Mr. Cartoon history lesson if you'd like.

I dropped the drawing off today and as I'm writing this I've been told that it's going to be shown on the 6:00 news this evening, so keep an eye out if you're in the area! And be sure to come to the art parade on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

No wonder I follow you; we watched the same stuff growing up!

Mr. Cartoon was THE show had to watch after school, even in high school; I thought it was especially funny when ever so often I would catch that they showed a regular cartoon but in Spanish language - I just laughed at the funny pictures then.

...and Beeper, I remember when he was first introduced they called him "Friend" or something along those lines until they had a contest to name him and everything.

Great atrwork on Beeps, BTW. Congrats on getting shown on the news tonight; I may actually have to watch the news tonight!


Strange Kid said...

Way cool, Glen!

This is my first encounter with Mr. Cartoon and Beeper (I'm such a "noob"), but it sounds like the show was a lot of fun. I fell more into the Bozo the Clown crowd as a kid... that might explain my acute coulrophobia come to think of it. ;)

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